Welcome to my new website

I have been using GitHub for some time and I recently discovered it could host websites using the Jekyll site generator, which I quite enjoy for its simplicity, so I decided to give it a try. Searching Google for Jekyll themes I found the one you are looking at right now and found it unique and interesting and decided to use it for my personal website.

This website is specifically for personal matters and perhaps for potential employers to find. I will try to post in the blog at least once a week, though I am not sure if this will be feasible as I am very busy with other things. If you use GitHub frequently and would like to host your website with them, check out this link to learn more. Though I still don’t know much about GitHub pages, I was able to quickly and easily host my personal website securely with GitHub using Namesilo and CloudFlare.


Enough with the technicalities. The reason for this website is for me to write about my hobbies. I studied mathematics at a state university in Texas and up to this day enjoy solving mathematics problems for fun. Carpentry and electronics are also hobbies of mine, though I haven’t dedicated much time to becoming adequate at them. However, more than anything, I enjoy programming and in specific, web design. I have actually started a web design business called RGV Web Design (rgvwd) in the Rio Grande Valley together with my friend. Check it out at rgvwd.com.

Although I started learning to make websites back in 2000, before starting RGVWD, I had never created websites for clients, so this is a new experience to me.